HDC 2024 developer page is launched for June 21-23 with HarmonyOS NEXT and Pangu 5.0 agenda

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The official website of HDC 2024 developer page was launched today, revealing June 21 to 23 dates in two months time. This year it is anticipated that HarmonyOS NEXT with Hongmeng Galaxy Edition version will be launched with a Beta program for developers and users alongside the upgraded AI Pangu 5.0 in-house large learning model. OpenHarmony 5.0 beta open source terminal operating system, the base of HarmonyOS NEXT system, will launch sometime in May, next month aligning with commercialised distro of HamonyOS NEXT version 5.0 Galaxy Edition development. Starting in May, there should be 50,000-100,000 programmers working on the development of HarmonyOS NEXT native apps across China.

This year’s conference will be significantly different from previous years as it will be co-hosted by Huawei Cloud and Huawei’s Terminal Business.

The previous Insider leak report details of how Huawei plans on Open beta of first batches of the product June 30 under the Developer Beta Galaxy Edition version of HarmonyOS NEXT alongside September event for Mate 70 that will reveal it’s operating system versioning, HarmonyOS 5 where Galaxy Edition version of HarmonyOS NEXT system sits underneath, replacing AOSP ROM base.

Developers look forward to multiple products in the pipeline, especially how HarmonyOS would look like on a PC, augmented and virtual headsets, wearables, foldables, tablets, audio products, TVs, cars and more after seeing telephony functions on phones.

Source: MyplaceMyworld, Twitter/X and Weibo