HiSilicon M900 open-source HarmonyOS notebook ZaihongOS bridge between OpenHarmony and HarmonyOS PC

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Here is the previews of HarmonyOS on PC with YouTube video on macOS DevEco Studio IDE simulation and images below to see what HarmonyOS PC experience looks like:

HiSilicon M900 open-source HarmonyOS notebook ZaihongOS based on OpenHarmony PC system showcase via Huawei Developer Day, May 17, 2024 ahead of May 25th OpenHarmony event to showcase version 5.0 beta 1 with roadmap, after current 4.1 release.

More HarmonyOS on PC with HarmonyOS NEXT base, leaks after HDD 2024 since last November teaser at OpenHarmony summit, with previewed on for the first time on the web of how it may look like in the upcoming Beta version next month for developers and users to try out on actual hardware outside of this simulator builds of the last Developer Preview version on API 11 with Developer Preview 2 on macOS that is yet available on Windows yet. We will continue to keep an eye on further developments on massive changes and upcoming PC system stack for Huawei’s future PC business accelerating faster than before, even after US ban on Intel and Qualcomm chips for Windows devices, as Huawei decided already going forward with HarmonyOS disbanding both Windows and Android use this year and beyond.

Source: X/Twitter, Telegram