HarmonyOS NEXT Upgrades HiCar: Car-like UI Layout, Seamless Application/Notification Handover

During the HDC2024, Huawei detailed the HarmonyOS NEXT system and announced its plan to create a “person + car + home” collaborative travel experience in the travel sector. The built-in HiCar feature has been upgraded and optimized, bringing a new desktop design and interactive functions for music/navigation. Meanwhile, the new version of HiCar will also adopt a distributed protocol, achieving a zero modification of code on the car side.

The HarmonyOS NEXT version of HiCar uses the ffrt mechanism, optimizing the connection process phase and achieving a 30% improvement in core experiences.

The new version of HiCar has been upgraded and optimized in appearance and interaction, while the overall page layout of the new HiCar is more like the HarmonyOS car system, with the following details:

  • Application center layout optimization, adding quick operation cards at the bottom of the desktop, and moving the resident applications to the bottom of the desktop
  • Desktop music card interaction optimization, cards support playback and song switching functions, commonly used music applications support quick switching
  • Desktop supports dynamic wallpapers, supports dynamic rotation
  • Provides a new card template, allowing users to customize the desktop layout
  • Navigation provides a desktop floating card, supporting direction, distance, and other information reminders

The HarmonyOS NEXT version of HiCar will support smart multi-window/application split-screen, new voice interaction, seamless handover of mobile and car applications/notifications, and other features.

The new HiCar will also reuse the HarmonyOS NEXT landscape ecology, adapt to typical car screens, and focus on application adaptation around seven major travel scenarios: navigation, music, video, children’s education, business office, news, and social communication.

During the Huawei Developer Conference 2024, Huawei also signed the “HUAWEI HiCar Integrated Development Cooperation Agreement” with Great Wall Motors. According to the agreement, Great Wall Motors will become one of the first automobile companies to obtain HUAWEI HiCar product source code, development tools, and other deep development resources.