HarmonyOS NEXT to be released this September

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HarmonyOS NEXT is scheduled to be released in September. The second half of the year’s flagship phones, foldable flagship phones, mid-range phones, tablets, watches, etc. will all be released. Let’s wait for the actual test.

MateX3 is also presented as XXPad that is also rumoured to be the awaited trifold device that has been decided to be pushed into the second half for HarmonyOS NEXT.

Huawei Technologies recently announced that an upgraded version of HarmonyOS, which currently covers 800 million smart devices globally, will begin commercial use in September. This development marks a significant step for the tech giant as it seeks to establish HarmonyOS as a viable alternative to Android and iOS.

During the recent signing event in Shanghai, several dozen local firms from various sectors—including finance, education, and automotive—joined the HarmonyOS ecosystem. HarmonyOS NEXT, the latest iteration, breaks away from Google’s Android and positions itself as the third major operating system globally, alongside Android and iOS. By doing so, Huawei aims to reduce its reliance on American technologies and mitigate risks associated with tech sanctions.

Currently, more than 800 devices and over 4,000 apps support the HarmonyOS system across smartphones, electronics, and cars. Huawei is actively investing in supporting developers to transition to HarmonyOS NEXT. The company plans to allocate 7 billion yuan (approximately US$972 million) to provide resources and support, including a program to cultivate 100,000 HarmonyOS developers each month in collaboration with its partners.

In China, the adoption of HarmonyOS is rapidly growing, driven by strong sales of Huawei phones and new-energy vehicles equipped with smart systems. In the first quarter of this year, Huawei led the top five smartphone vendors in the Chinese market, sharing first place with Honor, both with a market share of around 17 percent. Additionally, local firms like FinVolution, an online finance service provider, have joined HarmonyOS to offer users “safe, easy, and high-efficient” financial services.

Huawei’s commitment to HarmonyOS reflects its strategic vision for a more diversified and resilient ecosystem, positioning the operating system as a viable alternative for consumers and businesses alike1. The tech giant’s efforts to foster native HarmonyOS applications and expand its developer community underscore its determination to create a robust ecosystem beyond Android and iOS

Source: Shine (China), English