HarmonyOS Next System Rolls Out Early Upgrade Push to Some Beta Testers

With just one day left before the opening of Huawei HDC2024, the HarmonyOS Next system is set to make its official debut during the first keynote at 2:30 PM China time on Friday.

As excitement builds for the upcoming conference, screenshots of the early push for HarmonyOS Next to select beta users have already surfaced online.

According to the leaked screenshots, this update will adopt a new system architecture for Harmony OS, with a comprehensive adjustment and upgrade from applications to features, offering users a brand-new experience. Before updating, users need to carefully read the following notes:

  1. New System Architecture: Prior to the upgrade, the system will check the user’s current phone apps and indicate which devices are temporarily incompatible with HarmonyOS Next. In this case, 41 apps are incompatible, including Smart Remote Control, Huawei AR Measurement, and Mirror. After the upgrade, incompatible applications will be uninstalled, and related data will be cleared. Users can view the list for details.
  2. New User Experience: HarmonyOS Next currently does not support system features built into HarmonyOS 4.2/4.0 such as Super Device, purchased themes, privacy space, application cloning, and sub-users, so there is a risk of data loss for related services.
  3. New Desktop Layout: The desktop layout has changed, with some application icons updated to new ones, and the overall animation rendering logic has undergone significant changes.

Based on the leaked information, the HarmonyOS Next system still has areas that need optimization, and many third-party apps are still in the process of adaptation, or not released yet, such as Wechat. Of course, more accurate information will be revealed at the HDC tomorrow. We will closely monitor the developments of HDC2024 and bring you relevant news in a timely manner!

Published on Huawei Matebook 13s