HarmonyOS NEXT System Input Capability Upgrade: Supports Clipboard Recognition, Smart Association of Input Information

Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT system was released on June 21, providing the IME Kit input method system framework, which supports visible and invisible keyboards, switching input methods, and self-drawn UI input controls for editing box applications; it supports life cycle management, input box interaction capabilities, and input method panel management functions for input methods.

At the HDC Developer Conference, Huawei announced that the HarmonyOS NEXT system provides a globally unified switching entrance (long press to select and switch, short press to quickly switch); the input method panel form supports one-click switching.

The input method supports text preview effects, and users will be able to see the real-time preview effects of input content through pinyin, voice, and shooting.

In terms of security, after installing a third-party input method, the system will prompt the user to enable it, otherwise, the input method application cannot be switched normally; in addition, when the user turns on the full experience mode of the input method, the system will also pop up a security reminder to inform the user.

Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT system has optimized the typing experience for users, based on “human factor research” to statistically analyze the data of users’ blind typing landing points, unifiedly raised the input area of the input method, and provided bottom function keys, supporting input method switching and other functions.

In terms of multi-device adaptation, Huawei provides suggestions for multi-device form adaptation, with different adaptation pages for devices with different screen forms. The unified switching entrance is integrated in tablet devices, and the height of the input method panel does not exceed 70% of the screen height.

In addition, the HarmonyOS NEXT system supports the intelligent filling function, the input method can intelligently recognize the clipboard / Huawei account data according to the type of the page input box to provide input suggestions, and fill in with one click; at the same time, the input method also associates “historical form input on the device / Huawei account data / contacts” and other input suggestions based on the user’s input content.