HarmonyOS Next Development Notes (Project Source Code Sharing)

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Review and contrast

About 4-5 months ago, I used to develop a HarmonyOS APP that was an interview book, and I shared some experience with you and complained about some development problems, so what about the comparison with the current development-based development? HarmonyOS 4.0, HarmonyOS Next

  • Previously, the models that could run were and above, but now they can only be used, or (of course, there are emulators 😄 but the capabilities are limited) and upgraded to the development preview. Mate 40, P50, Mate 60, Mate 60 Pro, Mate X51
  • The previous IDE used version 3.2 of DevEcoStudio to use ArkTS syntax is relaxed, and now the 5.0 version of the editor is syntactically rigorous and provides more complete and rich capabilities. API9-API12

Developer Preview Documentation and Systems

This is a question that everyone who wants to try will definitely ask Next

  • If you have friends who are involved in HarmonyOS development, you will be provided with access to development documentation and provide test machines, some developer kits. TOP5000 (Top 5,000 apps from big companies in China)
  • In addition, to participate in the Huawei Innovation Competition, you can apply for the preview version of the document and development kit (IED simulator), and the team leader can get the system push permission.

But now it’s out of recruitment~

Due to the confidentiality agreement, it cannot be shared ha~

If you are interested in children’s shoes, you can learn 4.0 first, attach study notes and source code harmonyos-next.github.io/interview-h….

Take a look at the Next edition of Interview Pass

Under the statement, a lot of UI is saved by yourself, don’t spray~

Just put two, and the rest go to github.com/HarmonyOS-N… Let’s see, if you’re interested, you can try it as soon as Star is released in the follow-up public version~

Original source: zhousg (China) – HarmonyOS Next Development Notes (Project Source Code Sharing), 11 April, 2024

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