HarmonyOS NEXT Adds Scan to Access Feature: System-Level Always-on Background, Scan to Enter the Application

Huawei Terminal BG Scan Service Product Manager Spark shared the highlights of HarmonyOS NEXT’s aggregated scanning function at the HDC 2024. According to the introduction, regular scanning requires one “recognition” + two “searches”, with the following steps:

  • The user needs to scan the QR code → identify the application to which the QR code belongsfind the applicationopen the applicationfind the scanning entrance → scan the code → reach the service page

Huawei has introduced a scan to access function in the HarmonyOS NEXT system, which can be permanently stationed in the control center. Clicking it allows scanning, supporting functions such as payment by scanning, ordering meals, riding, renting power banks, and storing/retrieving packages.

This feature supports all mainstream QR codes, allowing users to directly enter the specified service interface of the application after scanning.

The scan to access function is permanently stationed in the Camera App (main entrance of the function), supporting users to add it to the control center and lock screen. Whether in a locked or unlocked state, it supports “one-step scanning”.

When the user has not installed the App to which the QR code belongs, this function will guide the user to the App store download page.

This function also integrates the scanning function with camera zoom, supporting scanning through automatic zoom. Under normal lighting conditions, the maximum scanning distance for a 18×18cm QR code is 18 meters; in low light conditions, the accuracy of the scanning function’s dark light algorithm is 92%; in other complex scenarios, the scanning accuracy is 92%; the scanning delay is 550ms.

Practical examples are as follows: