HarmonyOS finally overtakes iOS in China in becoming the second largest mobile OS in the country as of Q1 2024

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New report, shows that iOS share declined by 1% YoY owing to seasonality and lower sales in China, its second-largest market. The global share declined from 20% in Q1 2023 to 16% in Q1 2024. This also marked the first Q1 decline for iOS in China since Q1 2019, primarily driven by Huawei’s 5G smartphone launches competing directly with Apple. The report also stated that Harmony OS continued to grow in Q1 2024, reaching a 4% share globally. The OS overtook iOS in China for the first time as the country’s customers lined up to buy Huawei’s flagship offerings. 5G adoption for the OS reached 50% for the quarter, up from 9% in Q1 2023. It is expected to grow further as Huawei focuses on supply chain localization with independent in-house HarmonyOS NEXT version of HarmonyOS 5.0 operating system on the horizon during end of Q2 June launch that may spike demand and this September launch in the country.

Source: CounterPoint Research