HarmonyOS and OpenHarmony Device Interoperability, Kaihong Demonstrates Cross-Device Content Sharing Capabilities

Kaihong, an enterprise within the OpenHarmony ecosystem, announced today that as a steadfast partner of Huawei and a core contributor to OpenHarmony, its domestic operating system KaihongOS has successfully achieved cross-ecosystem interoperability with HarmonyOS Next. Various devices and data can now naturally flow and interact seamlessly.

Previously, HarmonyOS devices and OpenHarmony devices were not interoperable, preventing data content sharing and collaborative work.

At the HDC 2024 conference, Kaihong demonstrated the interoperability between a HarmonyOS Next smartphone and a Kaihong conference control center equipped with KaihongOS. Users only need to enable the wireless projection feature on the HarmonyOS Next phone to discover the Kaihong conference control center device, which can be clicked to network, enabling content data sharing and operational collaboration.

The Kaihong conference control center uses the RK3566, is equipped with KaihongOS, and provides multi-channel wireless projection capabilities, supporting rapid access from devices running HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony, Windows, Android, and others.

At the HDC 2024 forum on the unified interconnect base for the HarmonyOS ecosystem devices and the unified application platform, Ba Yanxing, General Manager of the Open Source Community Development Department at Kaihong, shared the technological innovations and industry scenario applications of this solution, including distributed soft bus support for WiFi P2P, Bluetooth, StarFlash, and other technologies. The distributed soft bus has achieved discovery, connection, and networking between HarmonyOS and OpenHarmony operating systems, and cross-device content sharing functions through distributed screens.

In the smart tunnel emergency linkage interoperability scenario, Kaihong successfully connected KaihongOS tunnel controllers, other OpenHarmony system tunnel controllers, and a HarmonyOS Next smartphone, based on a unified distributed soft bus, to connect all tunnel field devices and achieve rapid emergency warning evacuation.

Kaihong also revealed that in the future, more OpenHarmony devices will be interoperable with HarmonyOS Next devices, including the interoperability between HarmonyOS Next smartphones and Kaihong laptops, Kaihong mini PCs, and others.