Great Wall Motors Signs HiCar Cooperation Agreement with Huawei: Exploring More Possibilities for Intelligent Mobility

During the 2024 Huawei Developer Conference, Wang Yuanli, CTO of Great Wall Motors, shared images of the signing ceremony with Huawei and revealed that “the two parties will jointly explore more possibilities for intelligent mobility, bringing users a more convenient and intelligent travel experience.”

Great Wall Motors and Huawei have signed the “HUAWEI HiCar Integration Development Cooperation Agreement.” According to the agreement, Great Wall Motors will become one of the first automobile companies to obtain in-depth development resources such as HUAWEI HiCar product source code and development tools. In the future, both parties also plan to share successful cases from the cooperation process with the industry.

As early as March this year, Great Wall announced that multiple models had completed the adaptation work for Huawei HiCar 4.0, achieving higher compatibility for vehicle-to-device connectivity. In May, the Great Wall WEY Blue Mountain / Mountain models received the largest-ever OTA upgrade, supporting Huawei HiCar4.0 / ICCOA Carlink, and adding features such as a voice big model and the Gaode Map red light countdown function.

HUAWEI HiCar is Huawei’s solution for a smart connection between people, vehicles, and homes, featuring the following characteristics:

  • Safe Interaction: Minimalist interaction with safety as the prerequisite (Safety)
  • Seamless Connection: Seamless full connection between mobile phones / IoT devices and automobiles (Smart Connection)
  • Hardware Collaboration: Resource sharing between mobile phones and automobiles (Resource Sharing)
  • Ecosystem Sharing: Seamless experience for users inside and outside the vehicle (Seamless Experience)