FMOD sound effects framework comes to OpenHarmony platform

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

FMOD arrives onto OpenHarmony-based platforms which is a proprietary sound effects engine and authoring tool for video games and applications developed by Australian company called Firelight Technologies founded in May 2002. It is able to play and mix sounds of diverse formats on many operating systems. You as a OpenHarmony game or app developer can integrate FMOD library into your application which now supports OpenHarmony version API 10 according to it’s official website. The website also stated that they are working actively and closely with the OpenHarmony team to resolve issues on allowing low-latency playback. If low-latency playback is important, you must contact them at for advice.

This would be beneficial for developers to integrate this world class, world renowned audio framework into your application or game for the platform natively, especially when adapting to HarmonyOS NEXT natively as well which is also based on OpenHarmony and global OpenHarmony-based variant called Oniro OS. We home there will be active push around libraries like FMOD at Huawei’s developer conference, next Friday, June 21 HDC, including Oniro-OpenHarmony workshop on the 23rd.

Source: FMOD