Finogeeks’ FinClip SDK Joins Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Partner Market to Accelerate WeChat Mini Program Adaptation on HarmonyOS

Finogeeks officially announced today that its FinClip HarmonyOS version SDK has been launched in the Huawei HarmonyOS Ecosystem Partner Market, with the SDK version number being 1.0.0, and users can directly search for and use it within the market.

According to the introduction, Finogeeks’ FinClip HarmonyOS version SDK is compatible with mainstream mini-program syntax features and is the only mini-program container on the market that is compatible with WeChat’s two-way conversion, supporting enterprises and developers to directly adapt their existing mini-programs to the HarmonyOS system.

The core advantages of this SDK are as follows:

  • The core SDK size does not exceed 3MB
  • The SDK covers scenarios such as mobile applications, vehicle-mounted, IoT devices, and information terminals
  • FinClip supports multiple extension SDKs
  • FinClip’s service APIs and components are highly consistent with WeChat, supporting the use of custom APIs

Currently, the HarmonyOS Ecosystem Partner SDK Market has over 350 SDKs across 18 fields that have joined the HarmonyOS NEXT version adaptation, with over 120 SDKs already completed and released in the partner SDK market, covering categories such as lifestyle services, security, media, AI, advertising, payment, analysis, social, financial management, etc., including Alibaba Cloud Audio and Video Terminal SDK, AutoNavi Map SDK, Mobile Development Platform mPaaS (hereinafter referred to as: Ant mPaaS), etc.