Finland’s Yousician GuitarTuna app is spotted on native HarmonyOS NEXT

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Finland’s Yousician’s GuitarTuna may becoming to HarmonyOS NEXT globally. The popular AI Guitar app has been spotted in a recent leaked video of HarmonyOS NEXT UI that has been floating around the internet. This indicates that Huawei has been shipping it’s HarmonyOS NEXT Developer Preview kits to not only selected partnered developers domestically in China but also developers outside of China. We may see Huawei’s long term global app strategy for HarmonyOS NEXT in attracting developers with it’s growing platform user base and market for new market growth and opportunities with cash on the table. We hope to see developments in the coming months with HDC 2024 event arriving next month showcasing HarmonyOS NEXT agenda in it’s keynote and developer sessions. Alongside OpenHarmony events in China and global with Eclipse OpenHarmony-based Oniro OS agenda for developers and hardware vendors in Huawei’s 1+8+N ecosystem strategy.

We’ll keep an eye on the application with official information when HarmonyOS NEXT launches and post-launch. We ask Huawei and Yousician for comment on GuitarTuna development on HarmonyOS NEXT.

Source: Twitter/X, Reddit, Weibo (China)