EdrawMind App Announces Adaptation to Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT: Features One-Click Mind Map Creation, Real-Time Saving, and Cross-Device Collaboration

Edraw Software officially announces that its cross-platform mind mapping software – EdrawMind App – has completed adaptation for both desktop and mobile on Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT system.

The EdrawMind App is now compatible with macOS, Linux, Web, iOS, and Android, boasting a community with over 600,000+ mind map templates covering education, career fields, among others. It supports AI-powered one-click mind map creation, intelligent annotations, text polishing, multi-device authoring, and cloud-sync storage capabilities.

Features supported in the HarmonyOS version of EdrawMind App include:

  • One-click mind map generation
  • One-click document summarization
  • Conversion of mind maps into PPTs
  • Transformation of mind maps into explanatory videos
  • An interactive mind map community supporting real-time user engagement, with over 100,000+ mind maps already included
  • In-app templates and materials for direct application, enabling one-click beautification
  • Real-time saving and cross-device collaboration
  • Built-in tutorials and guides for new users
  • Supports online collaborative editing for multiple users

In coming months, we should see more productivity applications coming onto HarmonyOS Next.