Cloud Native Time Series Database openGemini Accepted as an Official Project by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has officially welcomed openGemini, a cloud-native high-performance time series database project initiated by Huawei Cloud, as an official project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

openGemini is the open-source counterpart of Huawei Cloud’s database GeminiDB. GeminiDB is a multi-model NoSQL database based on a cloud-native compute-storage separation architecture and has been applied in various businesses, including Huawei Cloud’s own operations, top-tier new energy vehicle companies’ Internet of Vehicles (IoV) businesses, large internet companies’ operations platforms, and large-sized state-owned enterprises’ IoT platforms.

In June 2022, Huawei Cloud open-sourced the kernel of the GaussDB time series and spatial database; in 2023, openGemini joined the openEuler SIG-DB.

According to the introduction, since its open-source release in 2022, the openGemini community has developed 22 sub-projects, garnered over 1,000 GitHub Stars and 140 Forks, and attracted over 100 open-source enthusiasts from external enterprises and universities to contribute to the community’s development. More than 60 companies and organizations have tested and implemented applications using openGemini.

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