China’s First HarmonyOS Native Printer App Launched for Beta Testing, developed by Lenovo

Lenovo’s printer brand, Lenovo ZHIXIANG, announced on July 4th a collaboration with Huawei in the printing field, providing services based on HarmonyOS native intelligent features.

ZHIXIANG Technology has completed the development of the first pure HarmonyOS printer app in China and has launched it for public beta testing. Lenovo ZHIXIANG also received the honorary title of “Most Promising Smart Office Partner” and won second place in the HarmonyOS Innovation Competition.

According to ZHIXIANG’s official website, Lenovo ZHIXIANG currently offers over 120 printer products, covering both commercial and consumer categories. The company provides four applications for connecting and operating printers: Lenovo Print App, WeChat Mini Program, QQ Mini Program, and ZHIXIANG Print.