China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Completes Huawei HarmonyOS Kernel Autonomy Maturity Level Certification with 100% Self-developed Rate

The official WeChat account of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) announced today that CAICT has completed the autonomy maturity level certification for Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s HarmonyOS kernel(Hongmeng Kernel), with a 100% self-developed rate and an autonomy maturity level of Grade A. The certificate was presented to Huawei at the Huawei Developer Conference HDC 2024.

CAICT stated that the significance of the operating system kernel’s autonomy lies in ensuring national information security capabilities, enhancing technological innovation strength, and boosting international competitiveness, thereby fostering a favorable ecosystem for self-developed industries. “This certification not only reflects the high level of autonomy maturity of Huawei’s HarmonyOS kernel but also marks a new step forward in the autonomy maturity of operating system kernels in China.”

On June 28th, CAICT announced that it had completed the evaluation of the privacy protection capabilities of the HarmonyOS NEXT operating system. The Telecommunications Terminal Testing Laboratory evaluated 38 indicators, including the operating system framework, application lifecycle, and terminal management capabilities. After testing, the privacy protection capabilities of the HarmonyOS NEXT operating system meet the relevant standard requirements.

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 on June 21st, Huawei’s Consumer Device BG Software Department President Gong Ti said that operating system has long been dominated by Europe and the United States, and HarmonyOS has undergone a comprehensive renewal, achieving in 10 years what took Europe and the United States 30 years. He mentioned that the HarmonyOS kernel(Hongmeng Kernel) surpasses the Linux kernel in terms of security and smoothness, with a performance improvement of 10.7% in comparison.

Richard Yu(Chengdong) stated: “Pure HarmonyOS is fully self-developed from the inside out, and ‘HarmonyOS is a full-scenario intelligent operating system based on OpenHarmony, which is an operating system that is originated in China and independently controllable.”