As HDC2024 Nears, a Surge in Updates for Native HarmonyOS Apps Awaits Official Release

As the HDC2024 approaches, an increasing number of app developers for HarmonyOS Next have begun intensive updates to their native HarmonyOS apps in preparation for the official release. It is anticipated that these apps will be launched in conjunction with the release of HarmonyOS Next.

Due to well-known reasons, the current version of HarmonyOS not only includes HarmonyOS code but also incorporates Linux and ASOP code (a dual-framework system), providing enhanced compatibility and avoiding the awkwardness of some commonly used apps not yet supporting HarmonyOS. Therefore, HarmonyOS smartphone users can still download and install APK apps.

However, once HarmonyOS Next is officially released, it will transition to a single-framework system, removing the additional ASOP and Linux code. In this scenario, developers will need to redevelop their apps. Consequently, users will no longer be able to directly install APK programs and will only be able to install HAP (HarmonyOS’s proprietary app format, HarmonyOS Ability Package). Leveraging HarmonyOS’s unified development framework capabilities, the same HAP package can support operation on multiple devices.

Of course, due to certain reasons, we know that not all apps will immediately support HarmonyOS in the future (although we have reason to believe that eventually, almost 99% of developers will develop apps for HarmonyOS). So, what will users do in such a situation? Do not worry, as we know that Huawei already has a solution for this scenario. We believe that the specific details will be gradually revealed at HDC and over the following months.

Let us look forward to the upcoming HDC2024 and HarmonyOS Next together!