ArkGraphics 2D graphics library API for HarmonyOS NEXT

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ArkGraphics 2D is a 2D graphics stack base of Ark Engine that takes advantage of 2D drawing for ArkUI and ArkUI-X and 2D-based applications, alongside 2D game engines like Cocos 2D for app and game developers.

Huawei takes advantage of this technology for it’s GUI across the system to improve visual graphical fidelity experiences with it’s own animation systems on HarmonyOS NEXT built for next-generation version of HarmonyOS Galaxy Edition that breaks the limitations of current dual-framework system of current HarmonyOS. These are significant components for the operating system built from the ground up, taking advantage of Ark Compiler, HarmonyOS system and kernel.

HarmonyOS NEXT was first shown at HDC 2023 that featured no AOSP codes which was hosted between August 4-6, via HC Newsroom with Weibo snapshots back in August 2023.

Developers are looking forward to taking advantage of these APIs, especially webview applications for embedded applications in Enterprise to third-party browsers beyond system browsers on HarmonyOS. You can see ArkGraphics 2D in action above and below from Chinese sources and influencers that got their hands on Developer Preview, alongside leaks.