AITO Announces New M5 SUV Deliveries Surpass 10,000 Units: All Models Equipped with Huawei’s Advanced Intelligent Driving

AITO Motors officially announced today that deliveries of the New M5 SUV have exceeded 10,000 units.

The vehicle was launched on April 23, with prices ranging from 249,800 to 279,800 RMB(37000$ – 40000$) for three models, and nationwide deliveries commenced on May 15. The key specifications of the vehicle are as follows:

The New M5 is positioned as a high-performance urban SUV, featuring a four-wheel drive version with a zero to 100 km/h acceleration time of 4.3 seconds and a maximum torque of 675 N・m. An optional new extended-range MAX model is available, with a combined CLTC cycle range of up to 1440 km and a pure electric range of 255 km.

The New M5 comes standard with a laser radar, including millimeter wave, machine vision, ultrasonic, and integrated perception systems. All models are equipped with the “strongest intelligent driving” system that is “capable of driving nationwide,” even surpassing Tesla’s offerings. Additionally, the New M5 adds a remote parking feature, allowing for parking in ultra-narrow spaces with ease and convenience, providing an elegant and carefree experience.

  • New M5 Extended-Range Max: 249,800 RMB (37000$, extended-range rear-wheel drive)
  • New M5 Pure Electric Max: 269,800 RMB (38000$, pure electric rear-wheel drive)
  • New M5 Extended-Range Max RS: 279,800 RMB (40000$, four-wheel drive, includes various optional extras)