A discovery on final AOSP EMUI 14.2 firmware shows a component that allows parity in OTA update system in both domestic and global markets

A recent discovery in Russia shows on final AOSP 12 based EMUI 14.2 firmware reveals a special component on Pura 70 device that allows parity in OTA updates in parallel to both Chinese market and global markets with this OVS custom and base software version system ahead of HarmonyOS NEXT base releases in hardware/software firmware components on the connected OpenHarmony codebase OTA update system. That means that both Chinese and global customers will finally enjoy OTA updates at the same time period in rollouts within the day of the hour or as far as quarter of the year, instead of several months apart in reskinning modifications from HarmonyOS ROM base to EMUI ROM base on the same AOSP 12 versioning base which has been done in the past three years. This strategy is set ahead of HarmonyOS NEXT release, in the ease of transition with the connected special watered down global OpenHarmony L3-L5 codebase branch on EMUI enabling the upgrade path for full OpenHarmony L0-L2 codebase of HarmonyOS NEXT base with the Galaxy Edition system upgrade on next generation HarmonyOS 5 operating system version. We as Huawei users hope to see this development in action when Huawei rolls out the HarmonyOS NEXT OTA Beta in China and global markets in the same period during or post-HDC 2024 alongside general release this fall with EMUI 14.2 devices eligible for it, including the newly sold Pura 70 devices with improved long term global update strategy with global HarmonyOS NEXT devices of 5-6 years lifecycle per yearly model that is on par with global phone brand standards on update policy which also adheres to EU rules on long term software update support for security as Huawei resets it’s software and hardware business with it’s in-house development for consumers moving forward in post-bans and sanctions from increasingly unhinged and rabid US government on attempts to sabotage and choke the company supply chain.

Source: Twitter/theVakhovske